Student Debt Forgiveness

American InterContinental University Loan Forgiveness

American InterContinental University Loan Forgiveness

Student loans play an important role in helping thousands of students enroll in a college education without facing financial challenges. The student loans have been available for students in both state-owned and pro-profit schools. However, many students are now unable to repay the loans due to lack of jobs or school closure before graduating. Various government programs can help you get loan forgiveness. Many people don’t know that once a school closes such as the American InterContinental University every affected student is eligible for loan forgiveness. Currently, many students are stranded, and they don’t know where to start life after the institution closure.

What are the chances of American InterContinental university loan forgiveness?

For the former American InterContinental University students who had been awarded the federal student loan, qualify for loan forgiveness. However, if the credit had been used for your education before the university closure, then you might be expected to repay the loan. For instance, if the school closed after you had completed your academic year, your chances for loan cancellation might be slim. The borrower defense law gives hope for all former American Intercontinental university students who are victims of the closure.

Many students had applied for the loan cancellation after the school closed. However, there has been a lot of delays in justice delivery. Some students have decided to start repaying the loan to avoid hefty fines or interests which accrues upon delay in repayment. Currently, the majority of the victims are yet to get loan forgiveness despite the cutting short of their education. Another problem is in the job market; employers don’t take the papers from a closed institution which is now a double tragedy for the victims.

Is there hope for loan forgiveness?

This is the question running in the minds of many victims. The good news is that there is hope if you use the right channels and procedures. That’s where our company comes in to help you claim your loan forgiveness since it was not your fault for the institution to close down. We have experts who work closely with student loan agencies to ensure that your application is successful. However, looking at what the federal student law stipulates if the school closes you are eligible for loan cancellation if;

1. You were enrolled in the institution before the closure
2. You were on approved leave from the schools when it was closed
3. The school closure came within 120 days after you withdrew
4. You completed your education program in the institution but closed before you received your certificates.

If you find yourself in the above circumstances, then you have a high chance of getting loan forgiveness. Even if you had started to repay the loan, there is no problem you can visit our company or call us, and we will help you get justice. Some students have decided to sue the university which is also a right move, although it might take long before they get justice. Our company understands that time is a factor when it comes to loan repayment. Therefore we use all legal avenues available to ensure that you get what you deserve within the shortest time possible.


American Intercontinental University Loan Forgiveness
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